Yellow Fever Vaccine

YF-Vax (Sanofi)


live virus/egg

Pregnancy risk:

Avoid in pregnancy

Breast feeding risk:

Avoid if breast feeding

Recommended for:

All travelers to endemic areas


Allergy to previous dose

Allergy to eggs/gelatin

Immunocompromised individuals


Age<6 months or >60 years

History of thymus disease, thymectomy, myasthenia gravis

Current moderate-severe illness


Pain at injection site and flu like symptoms
Rare neurologic or viscerotropic disease –see section on yellow fever


Amount: 0.5 ml (cc)
Route: subcutaneous injection
Number of doses: 1
Schedule: single dose, booster every 10 years if at risk


At least 10 days before departure

Can be given with other live and inactivated vaccines, antibiotics and immunoglobulins.  If other live vaccines are not given at the same time, need to administer with a 28 day interval.

Certificate of vaccination is valid only 10 days after the date of vaccination

Fore more details on yellow fever, vaccine certificate etc, see section on yellow fever

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