Measles Vaccine

Attenuvax (merck)


Live virus

Pregnancy risk:

Avoid vaccine

Breast feeding risk:

Avoid vaccine

Recommended for:

All adults born after 1956 who did not receive 2 doses of the live vaccine after the 1st year of life and have no lab or physician confirmed evidence of measles


Allergy toprevious dose
Allergy to gelatin or neomycin
Pregnancy, allergy to eggs
Immunocompromised individuals
If you have moderately severe acute illness


Pain at injection site
Fever and rash in 5%, usually 1 week after vaccination.
Meningitis/encephalitis in <1%
Joint pains


Amount: 0.5 ml (cc)
Roue: subcutaneous injection
Number of doses: 1
single dose


4 weeks before trip

Can be given with other vaccines and antibiotics

MMR vaccine can be administered on the same day as other live or inactivated vaccines, but needs to be given in a different site.

If MMR and Yellow fever vaccine are not given on the same day, they need to be given 28 days apart.

MMR vaccine needs to be administered either 14 days before or 3 months after the administration of immune globulin or blood products

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