Japanese Encephalitis

 Ixiaro : for those > 17 yrs (Novartis)
 JE-VAX : for those >1 yr & <16  (Sanofi)



Preservative :


Pregnancy risk:

Generally not recommended

Breast feeding risk:


Recommended For:

Travelers to at risk countries with the following risk factors:

- Staying in rural areas
- Staying for > 4 weeks
- Travel during the summer or rainy season and engaged in extensive outdoor or nighttimes activities.


Allergy to previous dose.

Pregnancy – unless risk of contracting JE is extremely high based on travel itinerary and travel is unavoidable.

Current moderate to severe illness.

Use caution if there is history of serious reaction to insect bites.

Side effects:

Pain at injection site.
Rare neurologic side effects of encephalitis etc, with incidence of 0.1-2 cases / 100,000 vaccines.
Allergic hypersensitivity reactions 20-600/100,000 cases.


Amount:                    Ixiaro 0.5 ml (cc), JE-VAX  1.0 ml
Route:                       intramuscular
Doses:                     one
Schedule:                 Ixiaro: 2 doses – days 0 & 28
                                 JE-VAX: 3 doses – days 0, 7 & 30
Booster:                   Every 2 years if at risk


Need to take 2 weeks prior to departure.

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