About Us

About us

The creators of this website are themselves “travel bugs” - Dr. Joe Zachariah & Dr. Teresa Heatly.

He inherited the ‘wander ‘ gene from his grandmother who was born before the automobile was invented.  At the end of a four hour journey she got off a public bus and carried him side saddle on her hips, up a flight of steps, on to a view deck that also doubled as the roof of the one building airport. He saw a DC -3 propeller plane bank sharply away from the Arabian Sea and land along a palm fringed runway. The dream was born.

Three decades later, he persuaded his wife to take a sabbatical, filled their backpacks and circled the globe to 15 countries across 4 continents over the period of a year.

Upon their return they hit upon an idea to create a one stop site dedicated to keeping travelers healthy on their trips – based on real life travel experiences.

Oh, lest we forget, between the first time he saw an airplane to jetting around the world on a few of them, he did finish medical school at North Texas University of Health Sciences in Fort Worth , TX , residency in Internal medicine and fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit , MI.  After a 2 year stint as senior staff at Henry Ford Hospital, he moved to Arizona and started a private practice in Infectious Diseases.

There he met his wife, a Pulmunory & Critical Care specialist who finished her Medical School at Texas Tech University, in Lubbock, TX , residency in Internal Medicine and fellowship in Pulmunory & Critical Care training at The University of Kentucky, in Lexington, KY.

His wife‘s only interest in travel was to the beaches of Hawaii and The Caribbean; till she needed a passport to visit her husband’s family, having eloped on a backpacking trip to Denali National Park in Alaska.

Thirty four years later, on her maiden voyage to see the in-laws; their plane banked sharply away from the Arabian Sea and landed on the very same palm fringed runway in the city of Trivandrum in Kerala, India.

We hope that our medical knowledge and travel experiences will help you stay healthy during your travels.

Wishing you happy and healthy travels

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